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atmospheric post black metal/ noise-ambient/ experimental

III(Three Parallel Lines) is post black metal/ambient from Itallia.
Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus ‎is dada-noise/ambient from Czechia.

„If the world hates you, you know that it has hated me before it hated you„ - John 15:18

Cooperation with labels Pravek Noise Section, Noise Mafia, Veva Records, Boelzcore Music

Listen and download on bandcamp!

ltd 60x 9" lathe-cut transparent vinyl
10€ - 

SKY018_SATANIC VOMIT - Vomit Complete

SATANIC VOMIT - Vomit Complete
street black metal/punk noise

Here is the last demo recorded in the ashes of long split-up collective istrometal legions! Record, which was forgotten in dark, wet basement, will try to take You back in time, when fanaticism, intolerance and hate against the World and Themselves, were main issues for members of SATANIC VOMIT. As the result, there are eight songs with ugly&dirty sound, scraped off a decaying walls of industrial area - Istrochem.
So if You want to commemorate the age of teenage blasphemy, this demo is right for You!

821 rosenheim kvlt eternal!

ltd 30x lathe-cut black vinyl

SKY017_NOČNÍ PROVOZ - Mare Nostrum Ignis Est

NOČNÍ PROVOZ - Mare Nostrum Ignis Est
dark ambient/ indstrial/ poetry

Music like the fire exploding from beneath the snow. Music which sounds completely different in the night. Flowing sounds and onomatopoeic words of poems which can reach new vast power in a silence of night. Listen to the Earth and you can hear a river of lava. Somewhere under your feet is that large boiling kettle. Words and visions strong as noise of explosions on the shores of never ending ocean. We are very grateful for opportunity to release this second record of Noční Provoz under the banner of our label!
design by IdeaDesign

ltd 123x CD-digipak-12pages booklet

štvrtok, 3. novembra 2016

SKY016_HIDDEN PERSUADERS - Flowers Of The Abyss

Flowers Of The Abyss
ritual drone/noise/black metal/martial

Wind and stars… cold, frost, rain, darkness, snow, trees and panting. Glittering clouds of steam rising from the lake. The lake is far away in the mountains and its surface is as a mirror of black velvet. Without a hint of motion it observes the clouds and slowly, beautifully and symetrically, it bleeds into the skies. The sweetest flavour of forbidden fruit. Long and cold are the nights over Bergen, over the avenue of your trees. The death's-head moth sits at the ceiling of your room.
Norwegian musician Andreas Brandal with a nearly 40 minute long material of his ritual project HIDDEN PERSUADERS – a musical collage somewhere between raw black metal/harsh noise/drone with pronounced marching passages – a strong atmospheric album.
The nice graphic design is made by Svjatogor. It comes in an edition of 49 tapes inside a heavy paper box hand-painted with acrylic and a sitting death's-head moth at the top.
For listening, click at the bandcamp.
ltd. 49x mc

piatok, 23. septembra 2016

SKY015_PSYCHICK WITCH - Cosimc Botanists

Cosmic Botanists
experimental drone / harsh noise / lo-fi / psy-folk-noise  

Psychick Witch is a New Zealand based noise musician.
Psychick Witch is not nor has it ever claimed to be 'music' to allign oneself wholly to such a regimented dogma is to be stripped ov true creativity. 

This Is Not Music
Fractured amplifier bleeding 
Free noise immolation

design --> Martin Karvay

ltd. 49xmc